Take advantage of our special prices for a full-day rental (up to 8h) and pay price for only 3h


Did you know that the word kayak means "hunter's boat", as kayaks were originally invented by Eskimos as long as 2,000 years ago for transportation, hunting and fishing? They were made of seal or other animal skin stretched over a wood or whale bone. Today, kayaks are used mostly for recreational and sports purposes. Kayaking is an excellent way to exercise and relax at the same time. It is an ideal way to spend the day together with friends or family and explore beautiful beaches, bays and islands near Hvar.

We rent modern Sit-on-Top single and double (tandem) Feelfree kayaks fitted with deluxe seats, paddles, and all additional equipment included. Their advantage over sit-in kayaks is that they fit all types of people (including those with long legs) and, because of their open decks, there is no risk of being trapped in the kayak if it tips over. The kayaks are very stable and suitable for beginners due their large capacity and wide bottom.

All our kayaks are equipped with watertight compartments, allowing you to carry your personal belongings (towels, clothes, shoes etc.) with you on your kayak adventure. We also offer dry bags (100% waterproof, 3L or 30L) where you can put your mobile phones, cameras and other personal items that must stay completely dry during your trip.

Depending on the weather conditions, the duration of the kayak rental, and your personal preferences, our staff will give you detailed instructions on where to go and what the best places to visit are. You'll also be given instructions about safety and how to use equipment (if needed).

Due to our good location, it is quite easy to reach the Pakleni Islands with our kayaks, and you have the ability to visit some of the most beautiful beaches around Hvar. However, for such trips, we recommend a full day rental, because you'll need about 40 - 60 minutes (one way) to reach the majority of attractive places. There are several pebble beaches on the Pakleni Islands where you can safely pull your kayak onto the beach and explore the island, eat or drink something in the nearby restaurant, swim and do some snorkeling, or just relax. Take advantage of our discounts and special prices for a full day rental and explore the Pakleni islands at your own pace for up to 8 hours.



  • Single kayak (per hour): 100 HRK (14 EUR)
  • Double kayak (per hour): 150 HRK (20 EUR)
  • Single kayak (full day): 300 HRK (41 EUR)
  • Double kayak (full day): 450 HRK (61 EUR)


Book your kayak at least 2 days in advance and get 10% discount on rental prices. Get additional 10% discount on group bookings (4 persons or more).


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