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Stand Up Paddle board (SUP)

Try SUP in HvarStand up paddle boarding (SUP), originated in Hawaii as an off-shoot of surfing and became very popular in the last few years. As bigger and more stable boards were constructed, SUP spread as a world phenomena gaining all kind of followers; paddling not only on the waves but also on seas, lakes and rivers. For some people it is a good core workout or just meditation in a movement. For others it can be a beautiful trip from island to island, a long cruise along the coast or just simple exploration of bays and beaches. We can help you to discover this extraordinary sport!

Our center is situated in the bay protected from wind and waves that provides excellent conditions for all beginners to practice first steps on SUP. We will also give you the first instructions how to paddle and use SUP boards.

If you are familiar with SUP (intermediate or advanced level) then you can also make a short trip along the coast to the wonderful cliffs that are only 20 - 30 min away from our location. You can also reach Zdrilca channel on Pakleni Islands with SUP - the one of the most attractive spots to paddle. We'll also provide you a dry bag (included in the price) so you can take a mobile phone, camera, wallet or something else that has to stay dry during your trip.

All your bags and belongings that you don't want to take with you on SUP you can safely deposit in our center while you are away. If needed, we'll also provide you with a water resistant watch to know a time when to return. 

Why you'll like it:
  • - Absolute beginners will receive personalised tips and advice on how to get started
  • - Discover beautiful hidden bays and beaches away from crowded areas with many tourists
  • - Get detailed information on where to go and what to see, depending on the weather conditions and individual preferences - you’ll be guided to the best spots 

In our price the following equipment and services are included:

  • - Stand Up Paddle board and paddle
  • - Life jackets (not obligatory for good swimmers)
  • - Dry bags (3L or 30L)
  • - Water resistant watch (if needed)
  • - Sun hat (if needed)
  • - Map of Hvar and Pakleni islands
  • - Detailed instructions about safety, how to use equipment, where to go and what to see
  • - Free storage for all your belongings (backpacks, bags etc.) that you don't carry during your activity
  • - Accident insurance

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